Dubizzle mobile: Easy way to buy and sell mobile in dubai uae

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Dubizzle mobile website allow you to buy and sell any mobile on there website online without any problem from your home easily, You can buy and sell in many different brands such as a Android and iPhone devices and many others brand categories you can find on there dubizzle website,

dubizzle mobile

How To Sell Mobile On Dubizzle mobile website?

Like i said above you can sell your mobile in dubai online from your home easily, Basically you can sell any mobile on dubizzle website for different categories information please look below

Dubizzle Mobile Different Categories!

  • Acer (you can sell or buy acer company mobiles here)
  • Alcatel (you can sell or buy alcatel company mobiles here)
  • Apple Iphone (you can sell or buy Apple company mobiles here)
  • Asus (you can sell or buy asus company mobiles here)
  • Blackberry (you can sell or buy blackberry company mobiles here)
  • Google (you can sell or buy google company mobiles here)
  • Htc (you can sell or buy htc company mobiles here)
  • Hewlett packard (you can sell or buy hewlett packard company mobiles here)
  • Huawei (you can sell or buy huawei company mobiles here)
  • LG (you can sell or buy lgcompany mobiles here)
  • Lenovo (you can sell or buy lenovo company mobiles here)
  • Meizu (you can sell or buy meizu company mobiles here
  • Motorola (you can sell or buy motorola company mobiles here)
  • Nokia (you can sell or buy nokia company mobiles here)
  • OnePlus (you can sell or buy oneplus company mobiles here)
  • Oppo (you can sell or buy oppocompany mobiles here)
  • Samsung (you can sell or buy samsung company mobiles here)
  • Sony Ericsson (you can sell or buy sony ericsson company mobiles here)
  • Vertu (you can sell or buy vertucompany mobiles here)
  • Xiaomi (you can sell or buy xizomi company mobiles here)
  • Yota (you can sell or buy yotacompany mobiles here)
  • iMate (you can sell or buy imate company mobiles here)
  • Other mobiles categories will b adding soon
All you have to do visit on there website here dubizzle and follow all steps on there website for further more details one more thing you can search any devices in price range to for example 500 AED to 1000 AED throw price filter tab option, also you can read some alternate topic here dubizzle cars and ocean of games

Dubizzle cars: How to find used and new cars in dubai uae

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In my this dubizzle cars tutorial i am going to show you how to find best and good quality used cars for sale on dubizzle website just in couple of minutes of work. you can access this website easily in your area throw your current mobile device or with your laptop or computer. if you are new to this website and dont know whats this website all about so read our old articles here dubizzle sharjah and dubizzle ajman.

dubizzle cars

Why we buy used cars from dubizzle cars?

You can buy your favorite car easily just around in 50 to 80 thousand aed easily from any company for daily use. but what is a problem we cant afford to much money because of daily family and other expanse thats why we try to find the good one used car for sale online with good and cheap price who suit us for our need and we can happily pay for it. But problem is this how to find the good one and best one car seller in dubai uae so you can contact the seller for more info and price.

What is a dubizzle cars?

Currently this is a number one website for buy and sell any thing online in dubai uae in any area even you are located in sharjah, ajman, abu dhabi. bur dubai etc.. you can find good one car on this website easily hundreds of new and old cars are available for purchasing in very reasonable price on there website. You can find the seller contact number, email, shop location easily.

Daily many new and old cars added there by new and old seller on there website in very good cundation but the wont sell like they said some time all you have to do you have to see the product before paying.

In my next article i will show you guys how you can filter out the exact good one car in cheap price i dont want to make this to long topic i will make another topic with video tutorial and pictures screen shot in my next article and i will update here on this page to.

farook stationery complete info!

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farook stationery Farook International Stationery is a huge Stationery manufacturing base in UAE. The company was Established in 1980 as a stationery retailer and after it has expanded to Wholesale and now this company is a once of the best stationery suppliers in dubai, this company has many hole sale stationery shops in dubai and slowly they are expending there stores in dubai more locations.

farook stationery
This company is the Sole Agents  in Dubai UAE of several international famous stationery manufacturers And till now it has 10 show rooms in Dubai UAE And One Show Room In Oman And Total Three Stationery factories in Dubai and Sharjah, The Company Supply the products in different categories you can read them below,

farook stationery categories info!

  • Office Stationery
  • School Stationery
  • Diaries and Organizers
  • Envelopes
  • Favorite Hobby Items
All information related to these different categories you can you can read on there farook international stationery website with more details. For more information you can contact them throw email or phone number if you want to order some thing for your office, school or for any purpose you can find the email and contact number below,

Email: sales@farook.ae
Contact number: +971 4 227 9898

Alternate Topic 

What is a woh kiya hai and woh kia hai complete info!

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woh kiya hai In my new article today i am going to discuss about a one of the biggest Pakistan horror tv show. The show break all the record in history of Pakistan and make huge name in Pakistan tv industry with huge fans of the show and growing daily.

woh kiya hai

woh kiya hai Info With Details!

This show make the very first show in the year of 2011 or i think 2010 sorry for mistake if i dont know the exact date. in very first show the team consist on 3 team members 1 is a camera man and other two both are investigators let me tell you this three team members and i will show you the pictures to. the three team members name are Sajjad, Ashfaq, and camera man name is Samad if i was not mistaken so watch this old team members picture below. sorry for Samad picture i was not able to find it any where.

Ashfaq And Arslan
woh kia hai
The team members used ghost hunting equipment's for making and recording the show at night such as a
  • Evp (Electronic voice phenomenon)
  • Ghost Meter
  • Motion Detector Aka Motion Sensor
  • Digital Video Camera For Recording Show

Woh kiya hai What is a Evp (Electronic voice phenomenon)?

Evp Can record the voices easily who normal human ears cant hear deeply, more information about this device you can easily read on wikipedia.

evp recorder

What is a Ghost Meter?

Ghost meter is the most common device and ghost hunter use this for detecting and catching ghost reading on device, With the help of this device function we can easily ask question to ghost to, please kindly search on google for more details you can find easily.

What is the Motion Sensor?

A Motion detector is a device that can detect moving objects easily, for example if we keep in front of us and just pass near from this device it will b start giving the sound if no object pass in front of it so no sound will b made. Ghost investigator use the device quite often for investigating the show.
For any Digital cam recorder i dont want to explain because all of you guys know about it already about the function and every thing as you know this is the most common device in daily use.

More info about show!
Any way the team of the show has recorded many most haunted shows and recorded many ghost voices. one of the best show i already have posted on my blog here, New show you can watch every week on express news tv of Pakistan, You can watch the previous and new shows on youtube and daily motion video sharing website if you have not watch them yet,

They doing very well but suddenly some thing wrong happen and the show was closed due to some problem after 2 years many new members come back and try to continue it but they also wont success and show was closed again after six or i think 1 year,

But Again old team member Sajjad come back to the show with new highly trained members and they start it again and now its almost 2016 now and they doing very well and gain more fans on there facebook page and making new show every week for fans of this show,

New team members name are Sajjad Saleem, Mohsin Ahmad, Asad Siddiki, Kashif Khan, Sohail Latif. Now the show was directed by Sajjad Saleem, Mohsin Ahmad, And Asad Siddki, They also have contact support throw phone number because they want if our fans have haunted location address they can contact us easily throw phone number (+92 345 2070808) you can also write them email here:

New Team Members
wo kia hai

Please Let me tell you all articles and information here on our blog only for education purpose only read our other article here dubizzle sharjah, ocean of games