What is a ocean of games is it safe or not?

So guys today i am going to talk about ocean of games website as i can see from the google search result around 1 million users daily searching for a oceanofgames website for downloading favorite games in order to play it on laptop/computer, if some of you guys dont know whats the website all about and what they are sharing on there website dont worry i am going to explain more deeply about this website here in my article. i will do my best to explain as much i can,

ocean of games

What is a ocean of games?

Basically this website currently providing a full pc games for gaming computer or gaming laptops. this is a world no 1 website who currently providing pc games for visitors totally free without spending any money. we can download any favorite game without even spending a 0.001$ lol yes its true. currently this website consist on different computer games categories such as a
  • Action games:  in this categorie you can download the games who consist on a action games such as a zombie city defense, worms, gun n zombies and more
  • Adventures games: in this categorie you can download games such as a grow up, beyond space, sniper black list and more.
  • Arcade games: here you can download games such as a super meat boy, tarzan game, flatout game, and more.
  • Fighting games: game you can download here shaolin vs wutang, dark souls 2, zheros, and more.
  • Horror games: games here you can download such as a dead island, the walking dead, the dolls, and more.
  • Puzzle games: league of light, bacteria, the room, run turn die, this type of games you can download here.
  • Racing games: games who consist of racing games you can download here like a, crazy taxi, earn to die, earn to die 2, and many other you can download here
  • Shooting games: just cause 2, quak 3, fallout 3, call of duty, doom 2016 and many more
  • Simulation games: zombie city defense, hegemony 3, tabletop simulator, and many more
  • Sport games: games you can download from here football manager, pro evolution soccer, rbi baseball type of games can b found in this categorie.
  • War games: civil war, star wars, heart of iron, act of aggressive, battlefield, type of games can b found in this categorie.
  • Strategy games: bounty train, 8 bit hordes, boid, force showdown, this is the police, little knights, kingdom new lands, fly and destroy, this type of games can b download from this categorie.
  • Mystery games: tom vs the armies, anna pc game, csi miami, true crime, game of throne far cry this type of games can b download from here.
  • Fantasy games: dungeons 2, star wars, bionic commando, grim down, warcraft type of games you can download from here.
  • Sci fi games: breach head, xcom 2 alien, solar shifter, star craft, cradle pc type of games can b download from here.
  • Rpg games: gun vs zombies, little knight story, phantom brave, krai mira, the technomancer, bastard bonds, i am weapon revival, and much more games can b found here in this categorie
  • Survival games: from here in this categorie you can download games with the name 35mm, the flame, soma pc, silent hill, we happy few, dying light, capsized, any many more games around 200 games can download from here
  • And many more games daily they are adding on there website new and old games also you can download from these categories.
let me talk about now old members of the website who daily go there for downloading more games from this website for playing on computer, now let me talk about is it safe or not?

Does ocean of game safe?

i think guys every time you download any thing from any website related to games or pc software you have to install it in your pc on your own risk. ask from your self no need to talk about website is it safe or not just ask from your self is it safe to download things who providing copyright type of  stuff on the website? and the developer who make the game or software he/she selling it in some $$ because they spend the life time for making the game and software for you and want to make some money with it and also they updating it to latest versions to in my thought every time we download any game or software it must have some virus inside it because those are cracked one stuff, this website are totally safe but downloading files from there are not safe because they are only download it from other website and uploading on private server and providing on there website for there website fans and gamers who daily searching for a free games. if i where in your place i never go search and download free stuff who harms my pc with virus.

every time you want to play game or want to use the software just support the developer of it and buy it for best user experience because you already know they spend there life hard time to make it for you.

i hope i explain well about it and you understand better and just make your thoughts clear guys please what is legal and what is illegal you already know dont be a kid any more lol one more important thing i have to explain here many website now a days are now available with this website name and i dont know those are safe to download from there or not? let me show you a little tutorial with pictures how to find the exact one website on google in stead of going around on other websites you can read tutorial below.

How to find the exact one webiste

First open up your google chrome or any of your favorite web browser after open make sure you are on google.com page look picture below and type in the website name exactly same like this ocean of games


as you can see after type the website name in google just hit the enter button and the first one website appear instantly this is the exact one website all other website who you can see are only providing and survey or spam links i think so or none of the links works perfectly.

one more one of my favorite website i am sharing with you guys its alternate to it and why i like it so much because you can play free online games on this website without even download in your computer (just mini arcade, action, adventure and other game)  search on google oceanofgames.net and you can play games there. picture of this website you can watch below,

ocean of games

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  1. thanks for sharing nice website i just download 1 game from there and i think its legit site

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