Dubizzle mobile: Easy way to buy and sell mobile in dubai uae

Dubizzle mobile website allow you to buy and sell any mobile on there website online without any problem from your home easily, You can buy and sell in many different brands such as a Android and iPhone devices and many others brand categories you can find on there dubizzle website,

dubizzle mobile

How To Sell Mobile On Dubizzle mobile website?

Like i said above you can sell your mobile in dubai online from your home easily, Basically you can sell any mobile on dubizzle website for different categories information please look below

Dubizzle Mobile Different Categories!

  • Acer (you can sell or buy acer company mobiles here)
  • Alcatel (you can sell or buy alcatel company mobiles here)
  • Apple Iphone (you can sell or buy Apple company mobiles here)
  • Asus (you can sell or buy asus company mobiles here)
  • Blackberry (you can sell or buy blackberry company mobiles here)
  • Google (you can sell or buy google company mobiles here)
  • Htc (you can sell or buy htc company mobiles here)
  • Hewlett packard (you can sell or buy hewlett packard company mobiles here)
  • Huawei (you can sell or buy huawei company mobiles here)
  • LG (you can sell or buy lgcompany mobiles here)
  • Lenovo (you can sell or buy lenovo company mobiles here)
  • Meizu (you can sell or buy meizu company mobiles here
  • Motorola (you can sell or buy motorola company mobiles here)
  • Nokia (you can sell or buy nokia company mobiles here)
  • OnePlus (you can sell or buy oneplus company mobiles here)
  • Oppo (you can sell or buy oppocompany mobiles here)
  • Samsung (you can sell or buy samsung company mobiles here)
  • Sony Ericsson (you can sell or buy sony ericsson company mobiles here)
  • Vertu (you can sell or buy vertucompany mobiles here)
  • Xiaomi (you can sell or buy xizomi company mobiles here)
  • Yota (you can sell or buy yotacompany mobiles here)
  • iMate (you can sell or buy imate company mobiles here)
  • Other mobiles categories will b adding soon
All you have to do visit on there website here dubizzle and follow all steps on there website for further more details one more thing you can search any devices in price range to for example 500 AED to 1000 AED throw price filter tab option, also you can read some alternate topic here dubizzle cars and ocean of games


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